Online Counseling

What is online counseling?

Online Counseling is referred to by a variety of names - Distance Counseling, Technology Assisted Counseling, e-counseling, and Cyber Counseling, to name a few. It denotes counseling that is not provided in a traditional, office-based setting. Online counseling may include counseling via phone, email, video-based chat, or text-based chat.

Why choose online counseling?

There are many benefits of online counseling, including the following:
  • Ease of accessing services, despite being geographically distanced from your therapist
  • Convenience of attending appointments from your home or office
  • Ability to continue therapy while traveling
  • Accessibility of services at a time convenient to you
  • Opportunity for all members of a couple/family to attend therapy sessions, despite being in separate locations
  • Benefits of the cathartic nature of email

How do I schedule an online counseling appointment?

Feel free to call (479)365-6790, email, or complete our appointment request form .

An Important Note

To provide online counseling in the state of Arkansas, a therapist must complete additional coursework and receive a Technology Assisted Counseling Specialization License from the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling. Roxanne Ross, LPC, LMFT has completed this process and received this specialization.

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